big people
small people

a CHURCH of PEOPLE of all generations

reaching out to the community …

young people
old people

… not buildings … not traditions … not organisations

but people in a relationship with Jesus Christ
Belonging to Christ
Growing in Christ
Serving Christ

Belonging to Christ
Longing for peace with God?
Discover what God has done in his grace to reconcile sinners to himself. God the Son became man, lived a life without sin and died on the cross as a substitute (taking the punishment upon himself that others deserve). He came back to life and so defeated death and the grave. Recognise your need of a Saviour and trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sins and you will have the joy of belonging to Christ.

Growing in Christ
You want to grow?
The God of the Bible is someone who delights in connecting with people. Relationships matter to him. He speaks, makes himself known, teaches, guides his people. Learn from his Word through the preaching of Scripture and Bible study – either as an individual or with the encouragement of others in a small group context. Become the person God wants you to be as you put into practice what you learn.

Serving Christ
You want to serve?
God gives spiritual gifts to each of his children. These are to be developed and used in serving Christ and others. Some involve being up-front where others can see you but many are inconspicuous, down-to-earth ways of serving your Saviour. What you receive from God by way of instruction and the encouragement of his promises is to be transformed into help for others as you become a channel of his love.

Minister: Rev Blair McFarland

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